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Junior Program

The heart and soul of the Club is our Junior Program.

We support students of all levels with our world class badminton coaching staff and experienced team. The purpose is to provide a place for badminton for our young juniors to experience a positive environment with good badminton development.

Development Series

Our development series for students who are new to the sport are Rally, Smash, and Competitor. After the development classes, students will move on to the Elite series of classes. We currently do not offer the Rally class; if you're interested in the Rally class, which is for students 4-7 years of age, please let us know by submitting your information here.

Elite Series

Our Elite Series consists of the Elite Class and Junior Elite class.  The Elite Series provides the next level of training, requiring at least a twice per week committment, but it is not as strenuous or demanding as the Team Series.  It is a simpler way to develop students to improve at badminton at a higher level and also giving them the opportunity to join the Team series in the future.

Team Series

Our Team Series consists of Team 1 (the highest level), Team 2, and Team 3 . To join the Team series class, students are encouraged to attend Team Tournament for preparation, but moving into Team is by approval by our Head Coaches only. This is currently our highest and most difficult level of training. One of the main purpose for the Team series is to send a team of students to play in local and national tournaments. Team series was set up to accommodate our top young juniors so that we may provide a positive and encouraging environment for success.

Class Flow Chart

Under 11
Under 15 Under 19

Team 1

Team 3 Jr. RightArrow Team 2
UpArrow UpArrow
Jr. Elite 2 Team 3
UpArrow UpArrow
Jr. Elite 1 Elite
UpArrow UpArrow
Smash 2 RightArrow Comp. 2
UpArrow UpArrow
Rally RightArrow Smash 1 RightArrow Comp. 1

How to Get Started

All new students are required to take an assessment with one of our coaches to determine class placement. The assessment takes 5-10 minutes, during which the student will hit with the coach for a few minutes. Loaner rackets are available for new students to use during the assessment. Please note that loaner rackets are first come, first served, so we encourage new students to bring their own rackets if they have one. Students should come dressed in sport wear and non-marking indoor court shoes. (Shoes that do not leave marks on a school or community center gyms are acceptable.)

Make an appointment

After the assessment, the coach will inform all parties of the appropriate class placement so the student can begin registration. The registration process takes 10-15 minutes, which will include completing the Class Registration form, signing a waiver and release, and providing payment for the session. We accept all major credit cards (AX, DS, MC, VI), checks, and cash.

A staff member will inform you of the available class days for registration and the total fee, as well as answer any questions you may have at the time.

Are you a returning student?

Please schedule an appointment to get assessed again if you haven't taken classes in the past two sessions.

Junior Program Policies

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