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Our Junior Program is the heart and soul of the Club!

We support students of all levels with our world class badminton coaching staff and experienced team. The purpose is to provide a place for badminton for our young juniors to experience a positive environment with good badminton development.

Development Series

Our development series consists of the Rally, Smash, and Competitorfor classes which is great for students who are new to the sport. After the development classes, students will move on to the Elite series of classes. We currently do not offer the Rally class; if you're interested in the Rally class, which is for students 4-7 years of age, please let us know by submitting your information here.

Elite Series

Our Elite Series consists of the Elite Class and Junior Elite class.  The Elite Series provides the next level of training, requiring at least a twice per week committment, which prepares the students for our strenuous and more demanding Team Series.

Team Series

Our Team Series consists of Team 1 (the highest level), Team 2, and Team 3 . To join the Team series class, students are encouraged to attend Team Tournament for preparation, but moving into Team is by approval by our Head Coaches only. This is currently our highest and most difficult level of training. One of the main purpose for the Team series is to send a team of students to play in local and national tournaments. Team series was set up to accommodate our top young juniors so that we could provide a positive and encouraging environment for success.

Class Flow Chart

Under 11
Under 15 Under 19

Team 1

Team 3 Jr. RightArrow Team 2
UpArrow UpArrow
Jr. Elite 2 Team 3
UpArrow UpArrow
Jr. Elite 1 Elite
UpArrow UpArrow
Smash 2 RightArrow Comp. 2
UpArrow UpArrow
Rally RightArrow Smash 1 RightArrow Comp. 1

Junior Program Policies

Please take a few moments to review our full Junior Program Policies by clicking the link above.

Session Information

# of
Returning Student
New Student
No Class Date(s)
1 1/2-2/26 8
12/5 after 6pm
12/8 12/30/16 10pm
Sat 1/21 (except for Smash & Comp. classes)
Sun 1/28, 2/18, Sun 1/29, 2/19, Mon 2/20 (for HP & Team only)
2 2/27-4/23 8 2/6 after 8pm 2/9 2/23 10pm N/A
3 4/24-6/18 8 4/3 after  8pm 4/6 4/21 10pm
Mon, 5/29 (HP & Team 1 & 2 Only: Sun 5/28)
4 7/10-8/27 7 5/30 after 8pm 6/1 6/15 10pm
8/28-10/22 8 8/14 after 8pm 8/16 8/24 10pm
Mon, 9/4
6 10/23-12/17 8 10/2 after 8pm 10/4 10/19 10pm
Thu 11/23, Sat 11/25,
Sun 11/26

2017 Class Calendar

Class Schedule and Fees for 2017

  • Class fees are due upon registration.
  • The session fee is for eight (8) weeks of classes.
  • The student must be a member to receive the member rate.
  • Class space is limited, and registration is processed in a first come, first served basis once registration opens.
  • Students will choose the class days and attend the same days each week for the whole session. Students may register for different class days in future sessions.
  • Partial registration is allowed, but will be processed after the registration deadline, if there is still space in the class days.
  • Please take some time to read our Junior Class Policies & Procedures for important details about registration & payment deadlines, our cancellation policy, makeup policy and procedures, etc.
  • *There is a 5% penalty for registrations received after the Registration Deadline. Penalty does not apply to new students.

New Student?

Click here to schedule an assessment. All new students are required to get assessed before registration.

The assessment will take 5-10 minutes and registration will take about 15 minutes. After the assessment, our staff member will go over the available days and times, and answer any questions you may have.

Returning Student?

If you haven't taken classes in the past four (4) months, please click here to schedule an assessment, as we want to make sure the class placement is still accurate.

Online registration is only available for students with a credit/debit card on file by completing the Class Renewal form. To view, add, or modify your credit/debit card on file, please stop by the front desk or click here to log on to your account. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact Jenny at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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