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Team Tournament

What is Team Tournament?

Team Tournament is a tryout to get into Team. It is also a tryout to move up within Team, e.g. move up from Team 2 to Team 1.


All past and current students are eligible to participate in Team Tournament. We highly recommend all students in Elite and Jr. Elite to participate, especially those who has never participated in Team Tournament in the past, as it is a great experience and practice.  Participating in Team Tournament is highly recommended for all students, even those already in Team, as it is another way to show your determination and drive.

Team Tournament Games

The games will be held on Friday from 4:30-8:30pm. Exact dates are posted at the bottom of this page.  All participants must arrive by 4:30pm. Online registration is required and the fee is $25/participant.

Participants will be playing games, which will run like a mini singles tournament.  Food will be provided to all participants on Friday. The Club will be closed from 4pm to 8pm and all courts are reserved for Team Tournament. Courts are open for practice and warm up between 2pm and 4pm, and we encourage all participants to arrive early to get ready and warm up before the games start.

Team Fitness Test

The Team Fitness Test will be held on the Saturday from 9am-11am following the Team Tournament. All participants must arrive at 9am. Participants of Team Tournament will automatically be registered for the Team Fitness Test with Team.

Participants will be taking the Team Fitness Test with all the current Team students.  Food will not be provided during the Fitness Test. Please eat before arriving to the Fitness Test.

All current Team students are required to take the Team Fitness Test in order to maintain their class placement in Team. There is a makeup Team Fitness Test held the Friday following each Team Tournament, from 4pm-7pm for those who are unable to make it to the first one on Saturday.

Team Tournament Results

After the Team Tournament and the Team Fitness Test, the coaches will discuss all the information gathered from each participant to make a decision on who is eligible to move up in Team.  Please note that winning the games does not guarentee you will get into Team.

The results of Team Tournament (who got in or moved up) will be announced via email by Week 6 of the session, when registration for the following session starts.

The results will also be posted on the Class bulletin board in the lobby.

Team Tournament Dates and Times

The links below will be activated once registration opens for that round of Team Tournament, which is typically between 6-8 weeks before the Tournament. There will be a makeup Fitness Test held the Friday after for each Team Tournament.

2017 Team Tournament Date Team Fitness Date
Round 1 01/13 @ 4:30pm 01/14 @ 9am
Round 2 06/02 @ 4:30pm 06/03 @ 9am
Round 3 09/29 @ 4:30pm 09/30 @ 9am